Fire Alarms

An Aprotex fire alarm control panel (FACP) utilizes the latest in a series of innovative, microprocessor-controlled fire detection devices. Each panel has a built-in programmer, self-diagnostics and remote upload/download capability. All circuits are inherent power limited.



FACP’s vary in size in both Class A and Class B detection zones that support waterflow devices, smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual pull stations and other detection devices as required. To enhance reliability, individual zones can be programmed for fire verification, retard delay, cross zoning and fire supervision.

Notification: On-Site

FACP’s can provide needed power for bells, horns and strobes. Optional circuits can be easily added to FACP to supply even more power. Outputs can be programmed for Steady, Pulsed, Temporal Code 3 or California School Code. FACP’s also provide outputs to control additional notification options.

Notification: Off-Site

Commercial FACP’s have built in dual phone line and digital communicator modules to provide supervision of two phone lines and communication to our Central Station. Programming options permit individual selection of Alarms, Supervisory/Trouble, Backup, and Recall Test reports to our Central Station.


As a user interface, several options are available. An LED style kepad annunciates Alarm and Trouble conditions by individual zone. An LCD style keypad uses alphanumeric text to identify individual zones and zone status by name and event. Both keypad styles support one man Walk Test and Fire Drill features.




Features And Benefits
Class A and Class B Zones 24 or 12 volt operation
2-Wire Smoke Zones Power limited
Resettable 4-Wire Smoke Output Upload/Download programming
Auxiliary power, Notification Power Smoke Verification
Alarm/Trouble contacts Cross Zoning
4 Seconds average test signal connect time Remote Annunciation
Progammable Fire Retard NFPA 72A Local
Event History NFPA 72C Remote Station
One Man Walk Test CSFM
UL 864/NFPA 72 Central Station Signals