Residential Alarms

Aprotex can install an alarm system that can monitor all areas of your home against fire, intrusion, and medical emergency, immediately alerting both you and the proper authorities of any threatening situations.


Commercial Burglar Alarms

The business world is full of perils. Fortunately, most business hazards may be diminished or avoided altogether through proper planning and positive action. An all too common risk is that of losing time, money and possibly, customer good will, through a loss due to burglary or fire. Maintaining adequate insurance is one way to shield a business from this particular problem, but only after the actual occurrence of a loss. A burglar and/or fire alarm, however, may help reduce the actual loss incurred through the early detection of emergency situations. In fact, a security system may even qualify for an insurance premium reduction. Aprotex is able to provide this protection to businesses through the installation of custom designed burglar and fire alarm systems.



Fire Alarms

An Aprotex fire alarm control panel (FACP) utilizes the latest in a series of innovative, microprocessor-controlled fire detection devices. Each panel has a built-in programmer, self-diagnostics and remote upload/download capability.


Security Cameras

Aprotex can custom design a camera monitoring system to enable you to keep tabs on property or personnel. With remote viewing capabilities and Digital Video Recorders, you are able to keep a constant electric eye open.

DVR systems, allow for viewing and recording of multiple cameras into a single recorder and monitor. With this type you are able to view multiple cameras, record and zoom to any particular camera at your leisure. With DVR systems you can playback one or multiple cameras at a time while still recording.



Access Control Systems

You want an Aprotex card access system. A card access system is one of the only ‘bank vault’ secure systems with the ease of ‘on-off’ simplicity. An Aprotex card access system can provide keypads with built in proximity readers, classic card swipe readers and new keychain sized personal identification devices (small enough to fit on your keychain) which automatically signals your presence, and eliminates button pushing or code entry.