Proven Protection

Aprotex can install an alarm system that can monitor all areas of your home against fire, intrusion, and medical emergency, immediately alerting both you and the proper authorities of any threatening situations.


Easy To Use

Aprotex security systems are so easy to operate, you can take full advantage of their many features. You’ll feel confident knowing exactly how your security system is working to protect you and your family, because Aprotex tailors the system according to your own family’s needs.

  • Combine both fire and burglary protection in one system
  • Assign temporary codes for guests
  • Room for system expansion
  • Divide your home into multiple areas with individual control for each
  • Check the status of the system at any time from any keypad
  • Assign each family member their own security code
  • Each protected door, window, or detection device shown by its name on the keypads
  • Keypad displays are in plain English
  • Door Chime (Zone Monitor)
  • Program a schedule to turn on lights or appliances when you’re not home
  • Sends alarms, emergency, and trouble reports to our central station
  • Review past system events through the keypad